FÍS Film Project
Introducing film into the primary classroom

FÍS in a classroom ‘good practice’ video here



Check out the ‘Good Practice’ FÍS in a Classroom video
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Check out the website and apps list compiled and curated by Michael McNamara (twitter @Ml_McN).  Lots of useful resources for Digital Storytelling: Film & Animation

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FÍS Film Awards 2018

Latest Update:   Judging is now underway.  All entrants will be notified by middle of September.

Good Luck to all!

2017 FÍS Film Festival Winners

The images from the 2017 FÍS Film Festival are out!

Pupils From Ardfert National School with the Aileen MacKeogh Film of the Year Award 2017 they took home for The Gooseberry Fair

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Teacher’s Experience 2015

“FÍS is an inspiring and heartwarming event which showcases the amazing creativity of school children across Ireland. Winning this award allowed us to show that although our children have additional needs, they are able to be successful on an equal standing with all of the children in Irish schools” he said.
Michael Fabiziak, Little Angels School, Letterkenny

Children’s quotes 2 2015

I had so much fun doing the FíS project with all my friends.  I loved getting into costume and acting but I also learned how much there is to do to make a movie.

What is the FÍS Film Project?

FÍS is a successful film project currently thriving in primary schools across Ireland. The initiative encourages children to explore the medium of film in the primary classroom developing essential skills in moving-image literacy, communication, teamwork, visual arts and even numeracy … oh yes, and it’s also lots of fun!

I loved making our film. Everyone in the class had a job or a role and we worked really well together. It was the best thing ever!