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Film-making Lessons

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Animated Film-making

A series of easy-to-follow interactive lessons aimed at primary school teachers and children.  They provide a structured approach to stopmotion animation making as a cross-curricular medium.  The content is reflective of technology and resources available in the average modern day classroom.

Live Action Film-making

A series of dynamic lessons aimed at primary school teachers and children.  Providing a structured approach to introduce live-action film-making as a cross-curricular medium that embeds the creative use of technology into the classroom.

Teachers Perspectives

A peer-to-peer approach so teachers can get an idea of how FÍS film-making is integrated into classroom practice; in multi-level school setting and a special school setting.  In addition, two good practice video insights into how the FÍS methodology creates opportunities for engaged, collaborative, cross-curricular and exciting classrooms.

Technical Guide

Tap into the support provided in this guide to review the technical aspects of making a film.  It is complimentary to the FÍS Film-making and FÍS Animation Making courses.  In addition, it can be a point-of-reference for any videography recording activity that the school might engage in – with guidance and tips regarding health & safety, equipment and how-to’s for good quality recording.