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Can we make a film without entering the FÍS Film Festival?

Of course! In fact, so much of the FÍS methodology is about the process rather than about the product. We encourage all teachers to start small initially and then, when both pupils and teacher are more confident, to consider going the final mile and producing a film. But it’s certainly not necessary to enter the Festival. Some fantastic learning takes place in schools without a film necessarily coming to fruition.

I’m not very technical but I am interested in bringing film into my classroom?

FÍS is very much about the children being at the centre of the film-making process and, as their teacher, you’re expected to guide them. It’s not necessary to be very technical. Familiarity with some simple programs will suffice. We recommend you review the FÍS Education Resources in the first instance so that you and your pupils have a foundation to work from.

What supports are there for me if I’m interested?

The online FÍS Education Resources  are a very well designed individual lesson plans which can be used isolation or as a complete course. The course outlines all the skills and activities involved in making a film with the emphasis being on the children being the creators/doers. In terms of CPD options you can also approach your Local Education Centre and ask if any face-to-face support sessions are taking place in your locality. If you know of other teachers in your school who are interested in FÍS and considering implementing it in their classrooms, PDST Technology in Education may fund a whole school ICT programme (a minimum of 10 participants is required). For further information please contact Michelle Herron at 01 700 8200 or E: michelleherron@pdst.ie